Amara Alexandria - beautiful design, functionality and most importantly, quality

The Amara Alexandria project began as a City of Sydney Design Excellence competition, entered by four highly experienced firms. The brief? To produce “thoroughly considered apartments, communal gardens, rooftop terraces and city views… create a living experience like no other”. The result is just that and more. 


Amara team know that for the best living experience, it is all in the details. This is why they source and utilise top of the line, durable materials to create a design that lasts. To begin the process, Amara Developers put themselves in your shoes to make sure your living environment makes you feel at home from the moment you put the key in the door.


The building team have an emphasis on quality first and foremost, from the structural integrity of the building to the finishes in the apartment. Building only one site at a time, the building team ensure that independent checks are done of all structural elements of the building.


360° Landscape Architects have created a lush green community garden using plants suitable to various conditions. Nothing was left unchecked by Fox Johnston, as the firm has designed the building to provide a deep sound barrier to the outside city whilst still enabling natural light and air to flow through.


The team has also achieved full environmental sign off avoiding any potential delays on completions. They have also commenced the construction of level 1, which sits 6 meters from street level! Worth checking out when you next come to inspect the property.


Both Amara Living and Fox Johnston bring decades of experience and a shared desire to create homes that are an innovative fusion of beautiful design, functionality and most importantly, quality.


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Kristy Paltridge